The worksheet shows four expense catagories.  We used a sample of a current customer and numbers that they had given to us.  However, all companies are different - use this link to utilize the above calculator and enter in company specific information unique to your business.   

There are even more hidden savings on the back-end (i.e. office management).  Reports generated in minutes, not hours.  Knowing at a glance where all of the vehicles are means not having to call each one periodically to get their status.

Contact us now and see how easy it is to start saving money on fleet expenses.

ROI (Return on Investment) Worksheet
"The mileage by state reports saves my office staff six to eight hours each week alone." 
Mike Graff   Graff Trucking 
GPS Real-time Fleet Management Benefit Truth Chart
Customer Testimonials
"We use the site every day to keep track of more than 60 vehicles and assets that we have currently with Global Cloud."

Ken K  Safety Manager  Trumbull County Engineers
"I started with just having my field managers vehicles installed, I now have it in my entire fleet."                                                                                                                                  Tom Giordano      Giordano Construction